It is well known that clean oil is key when operating machinery, and if an engine fails you are potentially in serious trouble. Oil contamination is responsible for up to 80% of oil system failures. Particles and water can contaminate the oil, damage your machinery and engine, causing breakdowns, increasing downtime and potentially reek-havoc on your entire system. Making sure your oil is clean, you ensure reliability and durability in any kind of oil system, which is why proper oil filtration is needed. It is performance you can rely on.

The specialized GreenOil systems provides you with the finest oil filtration removing water and particles from your oil. Through filters consisting of surplus sheep’s wool, the GreenOil systems are able to filtrate oil up to 2 my. Prolonging your oils lifespan while lowering maintenance costs and manhours spend. GreenOil sets the standard for quality oil filtration.

Oil is greasy and often when dealing with parts relating to oil, getting greasy comes with the territory, but not with GreenOil. We strive to be your partner in all aspects of oil filtration, as we deliver environmentally conscious, easy maintainable and economically beneficial solutions. A performance approved by OEMs, documented benefits, and satisfied chiefs all over the world, the GreenOil offline filtration system is the alternative to conventional purifiers/separators, on old as well as new vessels. The materials as well as our patented maintenance-free water removal solution has proven itself as being one of the most efficient on the market.


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