Advanced solutions for the maritime and industrial world

Synergy between Innovation, Quality, and Tradition

Mistral, forged from solid experience in the naval sector, represents a model of competence and dedication. Continuously evolving, we expand our horizon to also navigate the Oil & Gas and Industrial sectors, adapting with the same skill and attention to quality, to their specific needs. We offer innovative solutions not only in the field of newbuilding, aftersales, and naval spares, but also in industrial and energy sectors, ensuring careful and personalized support at every project stage.


We are the link to the best leading naval companies, synonymous with excellence.

Spare Parts

We offer a wide selection of spare parts and components, suitable for all types of vessels.

Mechanical workshop

Mistral’s workshop is not just a place where things are repaired. It is where technology meets experience, available 24/7.

Your compass in the maritime, energy, and industrial sectors

Expertise, Custom Solutions, and Immediate Interventions

In Mistral Marine Solutions, with passion and dedication, we push beyond maritime boundaries, charting a course towards new horizons in the world of Oil & Gas and Industry. Collaborating with selected suppliers, we ensure high-quality components and offer a spare parts and assistance service that guarantees ideal solutions for every type of vessel and industrial or energy installation. Our advanced workshop ensures quick and excellent restoration and maintenance interventions for all your operational needs. By your side in every challenge, we offer top-quality services and an unmatched commitment on the seas and beyond.


  • Partnership with reliable spare parts suppliers.

  • Wide range of spare parts suitable for different types of vessels.

  • Specialized workshop for repairs, installations, and mechanical work.

  • Constant commitment to the safety and performance of vessels.

  • Custom solutions tailored to the needs of customers.

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