LR Marine A/S is a small engineering and sales company, founded in 2008 by a group of LOGSTOR employees, with the aim of taking over all sales, engineering, and development of pre-insulated pipe systems from LOGSTOR for the maritime sector.

When LR Marine A/S was founded, its business model was based on sourcing all products supplied from LOGSTOR’s European plants and the LOGSTOR plant in Wuxi, China. In 2014, LR Marine acquired worldwide rights to LOGSTOR systems for maritime applications, including the production plant in Wuxi, China.

Their key competencies include:

  • Complete system design and technical support
  • Special engineering solutions
  • LNG technical support
  • Global sales network with exclusive agents in key countries for shipowners or shipyards: Spain, Greece, Japan, Turkey, South Korea, Croatia, China, North America, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy

Typical applications for pre-insulated pipes include:

  • Steam pipes on open deck
  • Loading pipes on open deck
  • Emergency showers
  • LNG pipes for tanker ships or bunkering

For gas system pipes, they offer:

  • Cryogenic pipe stress analysis
  • Production of pre-insulated LNG bunker pipes
  • Production of double-wall gas pipes
  • Installation services

“LR Marine A/S is a total supplier of economically advantageous, efficient, and sustainable solutions for marine and industrial applications.”

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