LR Marine A/S is a small, privately owned Engineering and Sales Company, founded in 2008, by a group of LOGSTOR employee’s, with the aim of taking over all sales, engineering and further development of the LOGSTOR pre-insulated pipe systems for Maritime applications. All employees have a long experience from the Maritime industry, pre-insulated pipes and Heat Shrink Technology, and all are former employees from LOGSTOR. When LR Marine A/S was founded, the business model was based on all product sourcing to be provided by LOGSTOR European plants and from the LOGSTOR plant in Wuxi, China. In 2014 LR Marine, purchased the worldwide rights to the LOGSTOR Systems for Maritime applications including the manufacturing facility in Wuxi, China.

Their key competences are:
•Overall system design and Technical support.
•Special engineered solutions
•LNG Technical support
•Close corporation with LOGSTOR Technical staff, development and sales management
•Direct sales contacts with all major ship owners
•Global sales network with exclusive agents in the most important ship owner or shipyard countries. Spain, Greece, Japan, Turkey, South Korea, Croatia, China, North America, Germany, Switzerland and Italy

Typical applications for the pre-insulated piping:

• Steam pipe on open deck

• Cargo pipes on open deck

• Emergency showers

• LNG pipes for cargo tankers or bunkering

For gas pipe systems they offer:
•Stress analysis of the cryogenic pipes
•Manufacturing of pre-insulated LNG bunker pipes
•Manufacturing of double wall gas pipes
•Installation of gas pipes


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