Spare parts and components for the maritime, energy, and industrial sectors: excellence everywhere, at all times.

In the dynamic world of the sea, as well as in the challenging realities of the Oil & Gas and industrial sectors, the importance of reliable and high-quality components is crucial. At Mistral, we dedicate ourselves with passion and expertise not only to providing an unparalleled selection of naval spare parts and components but, as we navigate towards new horizons, we are also expanding to offer reliable and quality solutions in the energy and industrial sectors.

  • Wide range of spare parts and components for every vessel.

  • Total commitment to the customer: 24/7 service, 365 days a year.

  • Strategic hubs in key shipping points: Amsterdam, Houston, Milan, Shanghai, and Singapore.

  • Rapid global deliveries for uninterrupted navigation.

Our meticulously selected and constantly updated product range meets every requirement, ensuring that every ship, platform, or industrial facility operates with utmost safety and efficiency. We stand out for our relentless commitment to our customers, providing round-the-clock service 24/7/365, to offer support and timely responses in any situation.


Accommodation Systems

We supply all necessary spare parts for air conditioning and refrigeration systems, as well as for black and grey water systems.

Deck Equipment

We provide essential spare parts for all types of vessels, including anchors, chains, ladders, lifeboats, cargo systems, and consumables.

Engine Room

Mistral Trading offers a comprehensive range of spare parts for any type of vessel.

With our strategically positioned hubs in crucial nodes of global shipping and key commercial routes in the energy and industrial sectors, such as Amsterdam, Houston, Milan, Shanghai, and Singapore, we guarantee fast and punctual deliveries. No matter your location or needs, we ensure every request is swiftly met with the utmost care, allowing your operations to continue smoothly without interruptions or delays.

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