GreenOil’s specialized systems offer you the best oil filtration by removing water and particles from your oil. Through filters made of surplus sheep wool, GreenOil systems are capable of filtering oil down to 2 microns. Extend the life of oils by reducing maintenance costs and labor hours. GreenOil sets the quality standard for oil filtration.

It is well-known that clean oil is essential when using machinery, and if an engine breaks down, one could potentially be in serious trouble. Oil contamination is responsible for up to 80% of failures. Particles and water can contaminate the oil, damaging machinery and the engine, causing failures, increasing downtime, and potentially devastating the entire system. By ensuring your oil is clean, you guarantee reliability and longevity in any type of system that employs oil, which is why adequate filtration is necessary. These are performances you can rely on.

We strive to be your partner in all aspects of oil filtration, as we provide environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, and economically advantageous solutions. An OEM-approved performance, documented benefits, and satisfied commanders around the world, the GreenOil offline filtration system is the alternative to conventional purifiers/separators, on both old and new ships. The materials and our patented solution for maintenance-free water removal have proven to be one of the most efficient on the market.

“We filter the future, GreenOil: Purity and Power!”

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