Structor has approached the market of telescopic masts for navigation lights to meet an increasing demand for a technologically advanced mast that is lightweight, compact, easy to install, and cost-effective. A highly engineered standard concept has been developed for single-stage, double-stage, and triple-stage masts. All their capabilities and expertise have been brought together to create a mast that combines strength, rigidity, reliability, and aesthetics in a single design.

Structor offers the most compact design currently on the market with high-quality carbon mast sections. With their newly designed electric drive, they provide a unique, compact, and silent transmission system. All control components are fixed to the mast to offer easy installation, inspection, and maintenance. Extending up to 9 meters, these masts do not require guy wires to withstand hurricane-force winds. With a standard design concept for the bare mast sections and hydraulic or electric drive system, Structor can adapt to any possible design requirement on retrofit or new build projects.

Major strengths:

  • Lightweight construction entirely in carbon with stainless steel hardware.
  • Watertight construction. Navigation lights are dry and protected when not in use.
  • Hurricane-proof aerodynamic design without stops.
  • Housing diameter of only 366 mm.
  • Telescopic sections 267 mm, 212 mm, 150 mm.
  • Choice of finish with Carbon print or painted in the desired color.
  • Choice between hydraulic or electric drive.
  • Suitable for Cantalupi or Lopolight navigation lights.
  • Silent operation with soft start and soft stop.
  • Operation from local control panel, deck, and handheld remote control.
  • Optional powerful yet compact LED down-lights.
  • Weldable mounting adapters always included in the supply.
  • Customer service and support second to none.

“Structor introduces a newly designed telescopic mast.”

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